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Local Reach. Global Mindset.

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India's first peer to peer ride-hailing platform launched in Ahmedabad

Disrupt the disruptor

Affordable, reliable and truly rewarding experience for everyone.

Focus on What Matters

Driver keeps all income, no commission. Riders pay the lowest fare all the time. Every happy customer counts.

Cashless Rides Made Easier

Enable riders with the favorite wallet(Paytm, Google Pay, Apple Pay). Tech innovation enables driver-partners to get paid at the end of the day - no delay in payment, hence, happy driver - less cancellation.

Tap & Go

Tap a car and you are on the light speed. India’s first peer to peer ride hail platform rooted in Gujarat.

Local Reach, Global Mindset

#MadeInGujarat. Rooted local to Ahmedabad. Tech innovation from the brightest mind at work enables the lifestyle you love

Safety & Security First

Real time tracking - keep your loved ones informed. One tap to SOS button and 24X7 encrypted chat support are always ready to assist and be your safety net.

Sustainable Environment

Tech innovation that consumes 75% less resources - less power to keep the platform up and running! Driver partners to achieve goals faster; drivers drive less and keep less cars on the road - less congestion.

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